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The Intersection of Classical and Jazz



Photograph by Michael Reese

Okorie “OkCello” Johnson’s music integrates cello, live-sound-looping and improvisation on original compositions, which collide classical with jazz, EDM, reggae and funk. His songs are deeply emotive and narrative, complementing one another like short stories within a collection. Though dealing with grave matters, Resolve is an uplifting album which builds on the musical rebirth that began with OkCello’s debut album, 2015’s Liminal, which established him as a pioneer of electronic and experimental string music in the United States.

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Sample Tracks and Meanings

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Zoot Suit 

(1926. Harlem, NY.)

A man from Tennessee arrives in Harlem hoping to relocate. He walks into a shop, eyes the Zoot Suit—the epitome of cool—and in a conversation with the sales clerk, begins his transition from bumpkin to Daddy-O.

Broken TeaCup

(1998. Brixton, London.)

Days before Christmas, a Trinidadian mother and her British-born, university-aged daughter argue over a broken tea cup, which represents for the mother the family’s successful assimilation. For the daughter, however, it is a painful relic of colonialism. The argument, like the teacup, is complicated, jagged, and beautiful.

Springtime in Wakanda

(2018. Wakanda.)

For the first time ever I experienced the beauty of Spring, thanks to an early dosage of antihistamine. Ahhh, the smell of flowers in bloom! This must be what it feels like to live in Wakanda.



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OkCello Home Page2.jpg



“the Atlanta Art Scene”
in the Atlantan

“…Resolve, is full of the same eclectic string melodies, the album is as much a practice in storytelling as it is in sound.”


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“ArtsATL’s top local albums of 2018”

Resolve is haunting, soothing, sad and utterly one of a kind.”

-Scott Freeman


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“He started to play and it was like the heavens parted...I literally wept.”

-Blake Howard


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photo credit: Michael Reese. Right-click on Images for a High-Resolution Download..

OkCello Home Page2.jpg